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Provides Community Support for our app we have many ways to chat with other members going through the same 7 day quit smoking challenge.

New Detailed Tools

New tools to track and monitor your smoking habit, go to the app and press on tools to get yourself started!.

Local job directory's

We even have a local job directory for people wanting to post and advertise their business or service for free inside of our app.


Lots of music to get yourself listening and into the party mood because why not party and have a good time while your on the 7 day stop smoking challenge, we try to make it easy for you to get your creative juices flowing.

Share the big news

We are now on google play and Apple store. Find us here! We have many more features to keep you interested for the 7 day Raddit Challenge our forums chat you can ask any questions you like and  Click below to


We have a Raddit Support bot that can answer all of your FAQs inside of our app, we use Ai to chat with our customers.