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Tobacco facts and market cap.

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Blog Post 2018 June 7 Long term Consequences of smoking.

 Here we are in 2018 already with a massive problem on our hands with millions of people passing away each year from tobacco related illnesses. I for one cannot stand by watching my friends and family wither away to cancer. I believe everyone should be given a chance and hell why not try and do it with a community of people trying the same thing. I quit smoking in 2012 and I never have turned back, my experience as a cook taught me how to change my taste buds, people who smoke tend to add more salt in the food because they cannot taste as well as people who don't smoke. If I can create a 7 day challenge for people to just be aware of the habit they are committing too. No I am not asking you to quit for the rest of your life, that is entirely up to you as I know what 8 months of withdrawals feels like and I sure as hell don't recommend it unless you are strong willed and ready to challenge yourself. I just want to bring to the forefront that people can actually change their own taste buds in 7 days time. So why not? why not give it a try? its only 7 days of your life, and look at how many cigarettes and money you will save during this time. Time is money and the most valuable thing in this world, so why not spend that 7 days punching a bag at a new gym you could sign up to. Or even better you could get yourself a new tattoo or piercing that gives you a unique style. These all release endorphins and can be carried on with you in the future. I for fun love hiking and I like to have myself tested and pushed to the limit, I know this feels great after the puking phase of it all. Blood sweat and tears is not all that bad even though it can definitely change your life in a instant.  Download our free app , it can be a valuable tool for your quit smoking journey, and remember that every minute and second counts.

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I believe it can be a game changer to challenge those that need to be challenged. Challenge yourself to challenge others.

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