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We're an organization that uses a fun new app to track, monitor your own smoking habits and earn rewards with our 7 day stop smoking challenge. Our mobile app is designed to assist you in quitting smoking. Our App is full of features that can help you connect with other people experiencing the 7 day stop smoking challenge.  With a social network designed for users to engage in eye catching themes and resources. Take advantage of our many options inside our app or websites. Everyday we work towards adding new features and experiences to our social platform. New Smoking FAQ has been added inside the app and on our website, click on the navigation button and go to TOBACCO FAQ We are committed to helping people with our experienced team of developers. We provide a social platform and 7 day stop smoking challenge for free!. Take advantage of it today by looking at our web app or downloading our mobile app.  With our partners we provide the highest quality of service to help you engage in quitting tobacco. 

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The 7 Day stop smoking Challenge. A fun new interesting way to track, monitor and possibly quit smoking with our Proven method and support app.

Using leading Developers we are committed to create a platform for individuals to use and take advantage of for free!  Such as job directory's, E-Reader, Forums, Chat, Education, Religion, Music, Activities, Games, Photos, Custom Shoes, Custom Clothing, Dating, And much more. Take advantage of our Web App and try it out or to learn more go to! Videos As everyday passes we are leading the way with habit tracking technology, there are many tools inside our app to help you quit smoking tobacco. Feel free to send us a message in our forums or chat with us anywhere on our website, we are always open to new suggestions and opportunities that are beneficial to our end users. Our App provides hands on proven results by guaranteeing that after 7 days of quitting tobacco, you will feel much more accomplished and motivated to take your next step towards a smoking cessation journey. Challenge yourself today and claim back your health and money that you always feel you deserved. Our app provides state of the art technology that seamlessly integrates with your mobile devices. Sign up inside our app to post feedback and subscribe to our newsletter to see updates about our app and websites. We encourage everyone that is reading this to stop by in the forums and say hello, post your favourite meals or your best workout tips, be creative and add topics and other eye engaging pictures and videos. Post as a guest or sign in to make a profile. We look forward to chatting with you inside our app or on our websites.

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Tracking your smoking habits, earn rewards with the money you save and challenge yourself to 7 day's of smoke free living.

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Check out our free App for Entertainment. Download it on Google Play and Apple Store, or go to the link below to try the Web App  In our web app it is slightly restricted as its mainly meant to be for mobile,  our progressive web app handles most of the features seamlessly into a web browser, check it out today and if you enjoy it then download our app on mobile to get the full mobile experience that we have to offer. With many apps on the market we offer a unique option for people that are looking for a social platform as well as eye engaging themes and social support, our combination of resources provides the best alternative for individuals to take advantage of for free. Are you tired of searching around the web trying to find everything? Well our App brings to you all the resources that you will need in your 7 day stop smoking challenge.  Are you tired of waiting around? Start today and let us take care of the heavy lifting that is involved with managing and operating this business. We are committed to bringing you free resources that you may take advantage of by improving your chances of quitting and stopping tobacco smoking.

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